Members get:

  • Access to the entire EMBR libary.
    You subscribe to the service, not the game.

  • Device setup including custom firmware.
    Let us make sure you are truly safe. Free of charge.

  • Escape from Tarkov

  • See all players and bots
  • Scavs, Player-Scavs, Bosses, Raiders, Enemy/Friendly PMC's can all be any color you choose.
  • Clicking on a player or bot shows their entire inventory, including the type of secure container and it's content and current market prices for all items.
  • Clicking on any cache, jacket, box, or other container (including Shturmans box) will display it's contents.
  • Sort loot by category or by your own personalized list that's always accessable with F7. Your personal list stays between raids so you can refine it as you play and as market value changes.
  • See which extracts are currently open and which ones lack required criteria
  • Dynamic, market value for items
  • Choose 15k resolution rendered maps OR a selection of custom maps
  • You can even create and share your own maps.