EMBR is an external memory-based radar platform. So what does that even mean?

External means that the radar is installed on a second computer. Not the one your play your game on. While this may seem extreme to some it is by far the safest method.

Memory-based means that all of the information about your game is read directly from the memory of your system. All of it. No network packets to scan or encryption keys to worry with. Other radar providers claim to be "DMA" (direct memory access or attack) but are only packet radars. Want to know if you're dealing with a real DMA radar? Try using it offline. For more detailed information on DMA, see this wiki on the topic.

Finally, platform simply means that EFT is not the only game EMBR will support. We will continue to add titles in the future and you will have access to them all.

We are not like other radar providers you may have encountered.

EMBR exists because we saw other providers treating customers poorly, selling them overpriced and recycled software, and being dishonest. The community needed a safe, affordble radar provider that was on their side and we were happy to fulfill that role.